Public Works

While it is rather unusual to comment on specific murals in the forward of a book, I’d like to mention my personal favorite on the Transmedia Art Walk. It is entitled “Splash”, and is by the muralist Kerry Rowland-Avrech. While this engaging mural can be read on so many different levels to me, the central overriding theme is simply and profoundly JOY; a commodity that is in short supply these days. Thank you for you colorful and joyful mural, Kerry.
– Kevin Bruce – Mural Chronicler and Author. Davis Mural Team, John Natsoulas Press, 2012.

The images below are of of mural projects and Community Built sites. Murals are one of Rowland-Avrech’s passions, as she is able to get out of the studio to interact with the public, and has a love of “going large” as she likes to call these large works. The images here are but a small sampling of what she has achieved over the years, with one of her first commissions on two private interior murals in Beverly Hills, California. She has created and worked with other artists on over 30 murals throughout Southern and Northern California.

“Splash”, “Royal Dance”, “Windows”, and “Farm to Fork” GO are personal commissioned pieces or sole design of Kerry Rowland-Avrech.