Artist Statement

I paint from nature, from inner visions, from a creative exploration. I am not bound to any one medium, or any one school – except for the drive to stay as original as possible, with the best of my skill set.

The varied subject matter I depict in my work stems from my consuming love of light and color – and love of paint. From landscapes to figurative works, it is the interplay of light on form that compels me to certain types of imagery. I often endeavor to simplify complex elements, or take simple imagery and build a narrative that allows the viewer to ponder the view for themselves.

I enjoy the opportunity and freedom to often work large, or to strive to bring a more modernistic or open view to the imagery. I may wander from the sweeping vista to a more detailed image of the solitary figure, from past memory or present challenges. I love how it is possible for me as an artist to take several paths to the same objective – take a static medium of paint and color and create something that can have an impact that is lively, emotionally moving or intriguing.

Cycling Through Time Mural